Parents & Friends

The Parents & Friends Association provides support to the Principal and the school through fundraising, social activities, support of programs offered and assistance with classroom programs.

Welcoming new families and strengthening the community nature of our school is essential task of the Parents & Friends.

Parents are encouraged to make suggestions or raise matters for discussion by the Association. The school exists to serve the educational needs of your children and your ideas and involvement are therefore welcomed and valued.

The function of the Parents and Friends Association includes the following:

  • Fundraising for the needs of the school.
  • Taking an active interest in the school’s operation.
  • Supporting agreed goals, policies and programs.
  • Providing feedback for the Principal on issues concerning the school.
  • Assisting with working bees and maintenance tasks.
  • Developing local strategies for the promotion of St Gabriel’s School.
  • Working in collaboration with the Principal.
  • Supporting St Gabriel’s School in practical ways, such as ensuring the school facilities and equipment are maintained.