St. Gabriel’s implements CASSE which stands for Creating A Safe Supportive Environment.

CASSE’s approach is different from most anti-bullying programs which focus on the problem behaviour, such as bullying and suggest ways to respond to it. CASSE’s approach has two main elements. Firstly, it encourages thinking and reflection in the school community. Secondly, by thinking and reflecting, the school community will come to understand and address the hidden underlying issues that lead to bullying and violence.

CASSE’s approach is proactive and preventative. It aims to build resilience in school communities and equips them to respond creatively to traumatic situations, conflicts and other issues which, if unresolved, could lead to bullying and violence.

The key to this approach is for everyone in the school community to reflect and think through our thoughts and feeling prior to action, and empathise with others, to help provide a safe and caring school environment for all. Classes have been holding meetings to discuss issues that the students are facing, giving them a chance to ‘mentalise’ or think about those issues and come up with strategies to help manage if the child is faced with that situation again.


Playground Code of Conduct

At St. Gabriel’s, we encourage positive playground behavior in our aim to create a safe and supportive school environment.

Please click here to see our playground code of conduct. (pdf/211kb)