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Specialist Program

In addition to our classroom curriculum, St. Gabriel’s offers a number of specialist programs which draw upon the scope and sequences of the Victorian Curriculum.

The Arts

Children enjoy weekly Visual Arts class and Performing Arts class with a specialist teacher. Through visual arts the students explore areas of drawing, painting, construction, modelling, printing, puppet-making, masks and threads and textiles. A sequential program of skills is presented building confidence and an appreciation of their own art works that of their peers and of adult artists. An Annual Art Show is used to showcase the children's achievements.

As part of the performing arts, students explore areas of music and drama. A sequential program supports their skills and opportunities to nurture the unique talents and gifts of all students.. In alternate years the school produces a Musical Production.

L.O.T.E: Italian

Our L.O.T.E. at St. Gabriel's is Italian. All students, from Prep to Year Six, are introduced to the workings of the language through song, rhyme and a variety of games. This leads the students to composing their own writing in the Italian language.

Aspects of travel, cultural festivals and places of interest are a part of the program, creating excitement and curiosity. Learning L.O.T.E. develops an understanding and appreciation of different cultures. Italian Week, held annually, provides an opportunity for all students to be immersed in the richness of the Italian culture.

Health and Physical Education


All students participate in a weekly 45 minute session of Heath and Physical Education. During these sessions, the students acquire movement skills, concepts and strategies to enable students to confidently, competently and creatively participate in a range of physical activities. Students develop proficiency in movement skills, physical activities and movement concepts and develop an appreciation of the significance of physical activity, outdoor recreation and sport both in Australian society and globally. The use of our school gymnasium ensures our Heath and Physical Education program can be maintained during inclement weather. Additionally, there are many opportunities for our students to compete at interschool competitions, helping to build their sense of sportsmanship and community.